Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The end

Its been a crazy few weeks, rain, heat, bike trouble, a strange man from Ct driving 10 hrs to ''surprise'' me, (no worries there I refused to meet him, changed my route and hid) by the time I got to Pa. all I really wanted to do was come home..I was tired, hot, sticky, tired of being on the road, tired of sleeping on the ground, tired of bad food, just plain tired tired tired.  In Pa. I stopped into a persons yard to see if I could camp on their lawn, as I was taking the cart off the bike, I had an issue with the rear wheel..the couple was kind enough to drive me to the 'big city' of Willkes-barre Pa. where there was a bike shop, so nice of them I could never have pushed the broken bike that 30 miles.  The next day the bike was up and running fixed and new tires and about 80 miles a day, and less than 200 miles to go after I left the bike shop I knew Id be way ahead of the planned arrival on July 27th, the YMCA had very much wanted to have a welcome home event, I was thinking of going to my daughters and hanging out for the two weeks...but...tired tired tired and just plain I decided to simply peddle home....yesterday at about 5 pm with 20 miles to go, after a long hot sticky 4th day without a shower, I was done, ready to set up camp for the night, as I sat in the grass resting, I thought to myself...why set up camp, get off your backside and just push through and go home to your own house, your own bed and a hot shower...through out the trip I've had a policy of not being out after dark, last night was the only time I broke that, that last 20 miles took me about 3 hrs....while it lacked fanfare, I was never so happy to be anyplace...Today, I got up with an excitement I haven't felt in weeks, went to the Y with Miles Walker, who is usually the star of the was so great to see everyone who was there, can't wait to reconnect with the others who I missed....It is soooooo good to be HOME !!!
The trip has been many many things, there's been days full of wonder and excitement, and days so dark I didn't think I could take even one more step, through it all I've seen America up close and personal, and to sum up the experience that is our country in a few short words....''while people maybe different in other places, they aren't so different that they are different...'' Our country is vast and full of wonder, in the end everyone wants the same thing, happiness (however you define yours) health, love and comfort...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Sky's looked really ugly this afternoon, no rain..suppose to get cooler for the next few days. The other picture, was taken right after a rain shower this morning

Mt. Hope

This may not look like anything to you...this is where the Amish hold auctions every week, but 3 times a year, they hold an "alternative animal sale" lions tigers, emu kangaroo daughter and I have talked about going for a few years, I didn't know exactly where it was...kinda cool to pass it....they say other than a zoo it's the only place in America you can see such animals and get so close...Ohio is the only state where it's legal to sell such animals, and they leave it to the purchaser to get any necessary permits to bring said animals out of state... The next sale is for three days around Sept. 19th, anyone want in?  (Mt. Hope Auctions)

Me Miles Walker

Once again me Miles Walkers wants to go on record for dogie abuse first it was being forced to take a bath, and made me walk up the hills with her. I don't understand why I couldn't ride....really this is too much..someone call the ASPCA...



I got to millersburg/Berlin Ohio, got to see a number of Amish, I just love them could stay near them for days, that was my original plan, however I'm ahead of schedule here, if I where to slow my pace to only 40 - 50 miles a day I'd be home in about 12 days, way to soon for the coming home event the YMCA has planned for July 27, I decided to make a bit of a detour to my daughters home in New Lebanon Ny. I should make it there by next Wedensday, I'll hang out there until  around the 17th, I'll leave the bike with her and walk a  leisure ill pace back to the YMCA in plainville ct for the home coming on the 27th


A fairly good day, sticky and hot, but hey it's July. A shower this morning, perfect thing to keep me cool.  The hills have know the song...The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of.......Donna complaining about the hills...I've been pushing the bike/cart up the really steep hills then gliding down, I think the walk up and glide down evens out the effort...once I get into PA. In another day-ish the hills will be less steep.   

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Return home

The Wheeler YMCA in Plainville, has been great in their support of me as well as the Mid-Willement YMCA in Albany Oregon has.  With only about 700 miles left in this journey and an average daily mileage of 70-80 miles I truly could be home 10 ish days....I need to slow down, as the Wheeler YMCA is planning a welcome home party, with friends and members walking with me the last day.  We've scheduled this for Sunday July 27th, which is 26 days from now....either I slow down or take a detour, kindling thinking of taking a side trip to visit my daughter in Ny state, it's about 70 miles out of my way, it would fill the extra days..she will be at the home coming, over the next couple of days I'll give it some thought.

JULY 27 th........!!!!!!